Going back to the “intermediate” router with term server

[hint taken from Brian Dennis’s CoD]

Suppose you are using a term server to login to all your routers. And you’re on R1. You SSH to R4. How do you go back to R1? See below:

[Resuming connection 1 to r1 … ]

Rack1R1#ssh -l CISCO


<—-now you want to go back to R1, how would you do it? If you press, CTRL+SHIFT+6+x, you’d go back to the term server, not to R1!

Rack1R4> [press CTRL+SHIFT+6+x]
So to go back to R1 (the intermediate router), you’d have to press, CTRL+SHIFT+6+6+x, this would get you back to R1

Rack1R4> [press CTRL+SHIFT+6+6+x]

Hope this helps!



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