Narbik’s Advanced Lab Notes – OSPF (I)

Currently doing OSPF labs based on Narbik’s workbook:


Lab 1 (optimization):

  • turning off LSA type 6
    • go under router ospf –> ignore lsa mospf
  • changing hello timers such that it sends 4 hellos per second with hold time of one second
    • under interface –> ip ospf dead-interval minimal hello-mult 4
  • configuring ospf to display router id in it’s ospf show commands
    • global: ip ospf name
    • ip host <R1> <>
  • router ospf 1 –> timers pacing retransmission 60 (interpacket pacing b/w consecutive LSUs)

Lab 2 (auth):

  • creating virtual link, “area <area to create vl over> virtual-link <routerid of other router>”
  • configuring area auth:
    • area X authenticaton <message-digest>
    • int
      • ip ospf message-digest key 1 md5 cisco12

Lab 3 (cost):

  • cost of loopback is cost of serial + cost of lo = 100,000,000/1.54MB (64) + 100MB/8000MB = 1

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